Wednesday, September 12, 2007

WTF Is Up with Your Blog, Dude?

I must extend my profuse apologies to everyone who has asked me "WTF is up with your blog, Dude?" Well, the simple answer is not much, but the longer answer involves "our" wireless router at home. I put the qualifier "our" in quotes because it turns out that I've been stealing bandwidth from our neighbors. That's right. Stuffing wireless in my filthy pockets and running out of the interwebs mall. You see, when we moved from the ghetto (West Oakland) to Candyland (Berkeley), our old modem decided to go kerplooey so we got a new more fabulous one from AT&T. After we did that, we discovered that our wireless router wasn't compatible any more.

Or was it???? I was still able to connect, so we didn't believe the tech support guy at AT&T. What do they know, right?

So, I've been able to get on the interwebs and post (albeit sporadically) to this blog over the last 4 months or so, but I've not been paying that close attention to the name of the network I've been joining. Heck, I even get a signal from Sacred Rose Tattoo from across the street, but those jerks have it password protected, as do the rest of the selfish, anti-social cretins who call themselves my neighbors. The nerve!!! When I finally decided to update my blog a couple of weeks ago with news about my recent attempts at spinning and plying, I discovered that there were no active networks for me to join, so I thought our modem was down. It was then I realized that modem does NOT equal wireless router.

Which brings to the purpose of the included photo. Anthony and I have been going through all of our things and have decided to let those things go that aren't really adding value to our lives. And let's face it, campers. Naked pictures of Madonna cavorting with several dozen of her closest sex worker friends? What was I thinking? Not too clearly. But, my folly can be your windfall. Do YOU want a lovely coffee table book that is fun for the entire family???? Ever wondered what Madge's lulu looked like? All this and a limited edition cd of Justify My Love. I gotta pay for that new wireless router somehow....