Monday, March 17, 2008

Knitting In the Tub... Again.

Knitting In the Tub... Again.
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All your friends are knitting in the tub. Don't you wanna be like your friends?


Happy Knitting!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm a Little Hazy on that...

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This past Friday, I beat a path to downtown San Francisco for the Great Outdoor Egg Hunt. I've fallen deep, way down deep the MOO hole. I found almost all of them but I'm not going to go back for the complete set. I think I scared quite a few of the tourists.

After my egghunt photo captures, I headed over to Holly's for a quick visit before Ferd's Birthday dinner. Holly and Renecito were on their own because Papa Rene is in Austin for SXSWi. He's working on a Netflix Film preview party by creating a giant logo made of Rice Crispies and Elmer's Glue. I believe it's film about medical marijuana. So, I had a nice visit with Holl and 'Cito. Saw Holly's new iPhone (green with envy) and showed her my MOO cards and new holder. I'm certain she'll be ordering some soon.

Since I was running late, I caught a cab on Divisadero and made my way to the Mission location of Cha Cha Cha (CCC). The frickin' cab ride was $10. I can't believe that a cab costs that much. If hadn't been soooo late, I would have walked the whole way, but I was already past the fashionably late marker. CCC is a tapas-style restaurant and it's *always* overcrowded. This Friday was no exception. And to add insult to injury, our party was on the tiny, airless second floor landing.

I'm not sure why, but Ferd had invited about 30 guests, which to my mind, is too many. You can't really visit with more than 3-4 people anyway and the check always ends up being a drag. The space was so small that we were split into two separate tables. I didn't even talk to the folks at the second table.

Dinner was all right, but I always leave that place still hungry and having paid way too much money. I know it's a birthday celebration and not reallly about me, but I still think It's madness! It was, however, nice to see Scott and Deni and Bo. I also got to meet some of Ferd's new co-workers who were very funny.

My arm was twisted and I joined the crowd for a trip back to Ferd's for music and more drinks and dancing. I kept trying to make my exit because BART stops running at midnight, but Bo and her beau (whose name I'm forgetting) gave me a ride back to West Oakland BART, so I stayed until about 1am.

When I finally arrived home around 2am, my sweet Anthony was still editing the Yknit/Rick Mondragon episode number 3. Rick was a natural and fun subject, and I love the original musical bits Anthony has made and pre-recorded sound bites he selected. We got into bed around 3am.

I should have known better, but unfortunately, I didn't drink enough water and had a splitting headache from all Sangria and Pear Cider from the night before. Ick. One of Saturday's saving graces, was a carefree visit to Alameda for some knit loving with my fiber posse. We ate home-made PunkRawk pizza, bean salad and red velvet cake. I learned how to knit I-cord onto chenille craft wire (aka pipe cleaners) and got some puppy lovin' from Sammie the Schnoodle. Oh, and I showed my fiber haul to Elaine and Sonya who had not seen it yet.

I ended the Saturday by watching the next episode of the American Experience of New York. I think it's number 4 and it was called "Cosmopolis". It was about the roaring twenties and the lead up to Black Tuesday and the subsequent Great Depression following the crash of Wall Street. It's the perfect thing to knit to. You've got great narration and can look up from time to time to catch the pan and zoom across sepia toned photos and herky jerky vintage video. I have no memory for dates or names, so I'll be enjoying this series over and over again.

And then we had the time change. I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS time. It's so retarded. We're not farmers. Why do we need it. I feel tired for like a month. Actually, I feel tired until Fall Back. Seriously. I hate DST.

To be continued.....

Friday, March 7, 2008

Do you MOO?

New MOO Cards and case!!!
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I first saw MOO cards when Victor (of Knitter's Uncensored fame) included one in a yarn swap. I never thought I'd have need of them for the following reasons:

1. I'm in a relationship (no speed dating for me, thank you)
2. I don't have a band
3. I'm not an artist
4. I blog very infrequently
5. My photography is very amateur

So, imagine my shock when I got bit by the MOO bug. I blame Stephen because I love his MOO card of Janie Sparkles eating yarn AND his cool Altoids-Retooled-Case made by his mother. Yes, that's seems right. It's hizKNIT's fault. Phew! I can sleep easier now.

So, Stephen and I ordered MOO cards for Stitches West and we split the pack of 100. I gave away all of mine so, naturally, I had to place a second order. This time, I selected only things that I had knit for the images. Plus, I included my new gmail address, the podcast and my blog.

Now, I wanna swap with folks. Do you MOO? Wanna trade with me? Bring it on. Oh, and check out this project. I'm doing it. So should you.

p.s. There's a fun contest happening at MOO, too. It's an Easter Egg Hunt. It's a total time suck and lots of fun. You have been WARNED!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

She Dyed A Raspberry Sorbet...

Scout's Swag March 2008
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My final Scout's Swag shipment. :-( Makes me sad to know that it's over. Scout was very sweet and asked Stephen (hizKnits) and I if we wanted black in our colorway and she made it special for us boys.

Keeping my yarn-economizing promise to my partner Anthony, I am sacrificing my spot so that folks who couldn't get in last time will be able to experience some Scout Lovin'! It's crazy popular and for good reason. Scout makes beautiful yarn and was so creative with the swag this past year, go knit pouches, knitting-themed rubber stamps, exclusive patterns and, of course, the YARN!

Scout is changing the name of the club to reflect a new focus on the yarn. For the third season, it will be called simply "Scout's Swag Sock Club". Since she's not doing the indie swag portion, she can focus on keeping the prices down and allowing more folks to participate. Scout will also be doing cool things like choosing winners to help her select colorways.

If you want to try and get a spot in the next subscription cycle, you can get details here.
Good luck and Happy Scouting!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Over the Fold and Through The Wool

I've been really enjoying my drop spindles, now that I don't totally suck at drafting and suspending. I took a great class at KnitOneOne with Brooke from Tactile Fiber Arts Studio and I really do love the "over the fold" technique that I learned. It's so much easier to concentrate on the drafting and not worry about the spindle going out of control and falling. It's a much smoother, controlled process and I'm getting some seriously fine singles.

This lovely fiber here is from Kristine at A Verb For Keeping Warm. It's a wonderful Blue Faced Leicester that is called Magic Bean. It's a green I go weak in the knees for. So weak, that I had to buy more of a related colorway, Magic Blue-Green Bean and another lovely hue, Vermillion.

If you want to get some of this amazing stuff, you can visit her online store or Article Pract in Oakland. I have it on a good authority that AP will also be carrying Tactile Fiber Arts studio fiber (deliciousness!!) and the glorious fiber of Krista of Pigeonroof Studios.