Thursday, April 26, 2007

J'adore Sushi

Sushi Watercolor Art card
Did you know that it's nearing the end of Administrative Professional Week? Well, neither did I. That is, until I got this lovely card with gift certificate from my managers in celebration thereof. I was dashing out of the office to drive Anthony to Vallejo for physical therapy when I was given the card but I didn't open the card when I got home. I know I scared the bejeezus out of Anthony because of all the commotion. All of it over the PERFECT GIFT for me, credit at my favorite LYS: Article Pract. The sushi card is an original watercolor by my immediate supervisor, the VP of a software company in Emeryville. She's wicked smart, respectful *and* artistic. Hard to believe, eh? I had the impression that she might be, but I had never seen a completed piece. And it's a card that she created with Shutterfly.

So, yeah, I was so blown away. It was very generous and the messages inside were so thoughtful. I'm one lucky boy and they've sure got me pegged. It wasn't even 24 hours before my fiber-junkie punk-ass was at Article Pract. I really love the gals that work and teach there. There's Christina, Kate, Tammy, Sarah Jane, and Logan just to name a few that I know. They always hook a brotha up, which frequently gets me into trouble, but it's good to know where the enablers are, you know? While there today I saw the most amazing hand-spun and hand-painted 100% angora from Malabrigo. I did not purchase it because it was $33 a ball (not sure of the yardage, but it was pretty small). I also saw some beautiful mohair locks (yes, whole locks, it's breathtaking) from Pagewood Farms that must be seen in person to truly experience. It made me think of what a satyr or faun's legs must look like. I'll be getting some of this in the future, but I was a little more sensible this visit (i.e. I didn't spend hardly anything beyond the value of the gift certificate). I'll take pics this weekend and post them on my flickr account.

What else? Well, Anthony got the show he applied for at the UC Berkeley radio station, KALX. He'll have the Thursday, 9am-12noon slot and you can listen to him online. Check him out. We hope to set up a blog and podcast site for him in the near future. Stay tuned.

I better get working on someting if I hope to have anything done for Finished Object Fridays.... Remember, it's OBJECT. Singular. That is all.


  1. Okay, are you dropping Yarn lingo on us? "LYS" means either "Lesbian Youth Soccer" or "Local Yarn Store". I can't decide.

  2. LYS = Local Yarn Store; DSO = Darling Significant Other; SABLE = Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy;

  3. Ha ha. I have Finished Object Friday Fever, or F-OFF, for short.

    And my whole life is SABLE.

  4. I love F-OFF. I'll be using it all the time.... Oh, and let's hang out this weekend, shall we? Anthony wants to cook you a decent meal...

  5. Ok, Lesbian Youth Socker is my new favorite term. Period!!

    Glad you got the accolades, you deserve them!

  6. Don't forget UFOs (unfinished objects, I have a few). When you make a mistake and need to back up, you tink (knit spelled backwards).

    My husband told me about this blog, and I'm so excited to read it too! It was a dirty joy to learn of Jon's S&M habit. What's dangerous is that now I want to visit a yarn store. Back in the day, my favorite was on Sutter St., a man named Matthew.... I heard that he sold it a year or two after I left.

  7. Your blog misses you, Michael.