Friday, May 18, 2007

Work In Progress Fridays

You knew it was coming, right? If I can't win at the game, I gotta change the rules. Finished Object Fridays was starting to make me drink more coffee in the afternoon which required sleep aids in the evening followed by an extra shot of espresso in the morning lattes... you get the picture. It was only a matter of time before our fabulous new apartment became a shooting gallery. Am I watching too much of HBO's "The Wire"... I don't think so. So, in order to keep my sanity, get the requisite 8 hours of sleep *and* think of my knitting as relaxing, I now present Work in Progress Fridays. [cue fanfare]

This lovely little flatland horsie was supposed to have an x, y and z plane, as well as 4 legs and the ability to stand up (see a properly completed one here), but in a fit of hasty sewing up before Renecito's 2nd Bday party, I did him all wrong and ended up getting the birthday boy Duplo. Now, I need to rip out the seams and try again without the pressure of a looming deadline. I have confidence he'll be done this weekend.

I'm still working on my Pagewood Farms yarn sock. It's really turning out lovely and I have to say that I much prefer 2 circulars to DPNs. I'm using my Knit Picks size 0s and there's a little of snag action at the joins. It's not too irritating, but I have a feeling that Addi Turbos would be better. The pricing difference ($5 versus $15) makes me wanna live with the difficulty but I might just have to break down and get the good stuff. I'm worth it, right?

In non-knitting related news, we just finihised a big cleanout of our old rental garage which was flooded by a backed up sewage main. Mmmmmmm. Delicious. Fortunately it only affected the front part of the garage which was practically empty, but the back portion was chock full of crap (our personal crap... not poo) which really needed throwing away or recycling. So, this past weekend and pretty much the whole week nights has been a constant flow of the stuff we're keeping to our new place. The plan is to try and sell the good stuff and donating all the rest to Goodwill. I much prefer to give our stuff to them, because they take EVERYTHING with no attitude.

I hope everyone has a non-poo filled weekend. I know I will. A bientot.


  1. Mike you are so damn funny, seriously...and don't feel bad about the Duplo, kids love mass produced trinkets. But I think you are a bit of a perfectionist, that horse is super cute in my book!

  2. *GIGGLE* - Mike said "poo."

  3. Seriously, it is educational, sometimes, to make mistakes and go thru the process of fixing it. You gain more knowledge and experience and that makes you a better person for the experience.

    As if you need improvement.

    Can perfection be improved upon?

    CAN IT?

  4. Goodwill has been snobby with me before and refused my donation. I guess my crap really is crap.

    That horse is awesome. Two legs are better than four.

  5. The Goodwill in Emeryville... or is that West Berkeley... on San Pablo NEVER turn me away. And boy did we donate some "merde".

  6. Oh, and I love your "Animal Farm" ref. Very nice.