Friday, July 13, 2007

Aus Deutschland Mit Liebe....

Package From Victor!!!
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Guten Tag, Meine Freunde. Okay, that's about all I can do auf Deutsch. In fact, that's probably not correct, but you get the gist, I hope. This is a pic of a swap I did with Victor, a fellow knitter, photographer and blogger who lives in Munich. Victor is a true knitting master having tackled many cool projects (like Jaywalkers) and he has exquisite taste in yarn. He recently got me hooked on Wollemeise and I ended up ordering 5 lovely hanks from Claudia (THE Wollmeise).... but that's a whole separate blog entry... Lots of o.c. behavior to be modelled there.

So, I was cruising around Flickr, looking at other folks projects and yarn when I saw this lovely pink and green wool that Victor had made some socks with and I had to find it. It looked like it was sport weight which means a much quicker knit than fingering weight, so I started searching for it online. Unfortunately, it was German AND the only e-commerce site I could find was written in German and I couldn't tell if they shipped to the US. Enter, my enabler.

Victor generously offered to run down to his LYS and get some for me. I asked for 2 balls each of three different colorways and quicker than I could say "fiberholic", Victor had those puppies in the post bound for America. They arrived wrapped in tissue paper with a stunning green raffia bow topped with a cute Muenchen postcard. Victor is classy like that. Inside were 6 of the most lovely balls of superwash wool that are gonna make some amazing socks.

Now, where to hide them in our crammed apartment????


  1. I look at that pink & green and think Izod shirts.

  2. God that yarn is sooo coool!!! Way to cyber-stalk and get what you want!;)

  3. Glad you like them. Can't wait to see what you're going to make. ;-)

  4. Mel, yes!!! I have severe flashbacks to 1983 when I was quite the prepster with my "alligator" shirts.

    Heather, I know you KNOW how to get the yarn you need. I've seen your stash.

    Victor, slowly but surely the sock emerges....

  5. It's all wrapped and pretty. :)