Friday, August 10, 2007

Shake Your Booties.. Yeah!!!

Test Bootie - Maizy (CPY)
Originally uploaded by mikewade
For your viewing pleasure, I present the quintessential baby bootie in Crystal Palace's Maizy which is made of corn fiber and elastic. It's got a wonderful cool softness to it that I think will be perfect for hot weather. These booties are going to my dear friend Heather who lives in Port Allen, Louisiana (across the Mississippi from Baton Rouge). I figure a woolen bootie will be too warm for the little guy's tootsies so I took a chance with CP's newest alt-fiber yarn.

After doing two booties and washing them, I have to say that I really do love the final product. Knitting with it, is a bit challenging because the yarn plies really want to split, but it's not too bad if you use blunt needles. I have Knit Picks Options circular needles which are pretty pointy, but I'd prefer that to blunt any day. So, in true OCD fashion, I also picked up a ball of the light green, white and blue. They were only $6 a ball and I can get about 5 pairs of booties from each one. I might do some stripes and maybe a hat.

Another fertile creature in my life is the lovely Holly. She's expecting a chillun sometime around Christmas, coincidentally, near the time of Heather's delivery. This means that I need to kick it into high gear if I want to knit lots of goodies for the upcoming babes AND get all my personal and holiday knitting queues organized.

And speaking of organizing, I'm LOVING Ravelry. Dude, if you haven't signed up, please run, don't walk. You won't be sorry. Unfortunately, my surfing ends up eating my discretionary knitting time. I have to keep reminding myself that the more time I spend looking at other people's yarn and pattern queues, the less time I have to finish my own projects. Simple, but I'm a simpleton.


  1. You're not a Simpleton, I am still learning that lesson...great minds think alike/fools seldom differ, take your pick! Cute-as-pie bootie!

  2. So, you're still alive after all.

    Cute booty by the way. :-p

  3. What a cute little booty! :) I think it is just darling.

  4. Heather, I totally felt you're pain when I read about your "Sudden Realization" post. The math is very simple.

    Victor, yes, just barely alive, but alive.

    Shannon, thanks for stopping by and the kind words.

  5. aww booty... My favorite booty pattern is knit on two straight needles.