Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Birthday Month

The Birthday Dinner Table
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Yes, it's true, I'm turning 40 very, very soon. And in honor of my birthday (and some other lovely Librans: Moreno, Jon, and Brenda), the epicurious JPK hosted a dinner party at his place. It was this past Saturday and it was indeed a wonderful celebration. On the menu was crab and corn salad, steak diane and mango ice cream cookies.

I had lots of pre-dinner lemon drops and played catch up with my dear friends who live in the West Bay (aka San Francisco). We were graced by the presence of JPK's brother, Dan and Dan's partner, Marc (what cute and sweet boys, they are!). Baby Rene was also in fine form and he even posed for many cute pics. It's only days before that boy starts making full sentences, then, LOOK OUT.

One of the high points (out of many) for me was the AMAZING present that Jon gave me, a cosmetology mannequin head. Now, it's not that I'm planning on going to beauty school and dropping out, but rather I need something on which to put knit hats for picture taking. It's always nice not to have to commandeer a real human head, not matter how cute. All I need now is to get someone to give me a male torso/form.

Jon's timing could not have been more fortuitous for me because this Friday is "Bring Your Art to Work" Day. I'll be displaying some handspun, some knitted toys and the lovely Shedir cap that I saw on Knitty Breast Cancer awareness issue.

I'll be posting pics from work display later this week.


  1. Another year and a half to go for me, but I'm kind of looking forward to 40. My dad tells the story of complaining to his father about feeling old when he (my father) turned 40. My grandfather shot back, "Wait until you have a son who's 40." I plan on reminding him of that, though I'm sure it'll be very much on his mind when the day rolls around.

  2. I never realised about your age before. :-) So, just in case I don't get to catch it, here's a "Happy Birthday" to you!

    And I would love to see some of your handspun, too!

  3. Love the little tweaks you've done to the blog...and Happy Birthday! Lemon drops are always appropriate for such an occasion.

  4. 'Twas a nice evening.

    Actually the dessert was frozen mango cream cakes.

  5. Happy Birthday!!! Or very very soon. :)

  6. The cap is too lovely and will be only lovelier on the mannequin. And I shouldn't need it until next week. :-)

  7. Happy Birthday. I need to go and look for a photo of that cosmetology head on your flikr page. And Lemondrops - yum!

  8. How did I miss this? Happy Birthday, sweetheart! Forty is fabulous, btw. You wear it well!

    (Now if only I'd known you needed a mannequin head. I think I have an extra one of my daughter's!)

  9. Thank you so much EVERYBODY for the sweet birthday wishes. I'm having a lovely birthday month... in spite of its being my 40th.