Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Open Your Mind, Please

Orthodontic Cephalic X-Ray
Originally uploaded by mikewade
I'll show you mine if you show me yours.


  1. OMG, getting those is so weird. I had a couple when I got braces (about four years ago), and then again this past summer when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. They did *not* give me a copy to take home.

    Ask me someday about my oral surgeon theory...

  2. Cephalic just sounds so dirty, um, I guess that's the point, Mr. "You show me yours"

  3. they never let me have a copy my x-rays either -you have to wonder where those things end up! But I do have a great digital image of my ovaries during a laproscopy - dude - you asked -- btw great cranium!

  4. GAHHHH!!!
    When I saw you on Saturday I was thinking...
    "He looks different somehow...but i can't put my finger on it..."
    What Beautiful Purly Whites!!!
    From one former brace-face to another, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    just beautiful! :o)ek.

  5. Thank you everyone!!! It's one non-stop smile fest!

  6. I just stumbled over here from the harlot's site, but what the heck: