Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Judith MacKenzie McCuin - Genius

I could listen to Judith MacKenzie McCuin talk ALL DAY LONG. In fact, I could have done just that AND treated myself to her workshop on Selecting a Quality Fleece, but I was a spaz and didn't sign up in time. Fortunately, I had a second chance as she was a guest lecturer at the Spindles & Flyers Guild meeting this past Sunday and I was able to meet her and chat. I also brought both of my books in for Judith to sign (Teach Yourself Visually Handpinning & The Intentional Spinner).

Judith's lecture was on the evolutionary history of sheep and how it has co-evolved with man. It was an inspired talk and I took copious notes. If you ever have the opportunity to hear her speak or take a class or just have a coffee with her, do it! You will walk away so much smarter and inspired by her passion for wool. Plus, she's got that adorable Canadian accent which just melts my heart every time I hear it.

I'll add some groovy fun facts after I review my notes, which I don't have in front of me at the moment.

Before Judith's presentation, we were able to check out a vintage fiber journal that Julia (HistoricFibers) brought in to share. It had been willed to her by a friend and before she fully documented it, we had a chance to check it out. I was quite taken with the penmanship and the wonderful swatches that were included. Even more amazing was the fact that they were still attached. Not sure how the author achieved that, but it was impressive.


  1. Judith is such a force of nature! It was great to have such an appreciative group to look at the journal, and you all gave me some really useful feedback and ideas!

  2. Julia, next time I promise to bring my cotton archivist gloves!