Monday, November 26, 2007

Punk Rock Pony

Punk Rock Pony
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I thought I might update the blog during the Thanksgiving holidaze week that I had off, but I was CONSUMED with organizing my books and working on my Hella Cable Scarves. So, here's a little post-holiday post about my Punk Rock Pony.

This pattern by Freya Jaffke is darned cute that I want to make a million of them. I have only made two so far, but I keep adding to the toy queue so it might be a while before I circle back. This little multicolor/mauve one is going to my niece, Ashlyn, in Louisiana. I'm sure she will love him even though I seamed him all wrong and he's only 2-D instead of 3-D. Well, I guess he's 3-D but he only has 2 legs instead of 4. Sounds a bit like Animal Farm, but I digress.

I used Aracaunia Cotton for the body and Rown Big Wool for the mane, eyes and ear tufts. A tiny bit of KnitPicks Essential for the pupils and that's all she wrote. Oh, I think i used US 9 for the pattern, but it's been a while since I sewed him up, that I honestly can't remember.

Shamefully, I used poly fiber fill for the stuffing but I'm going to try and start using wool or left over yarn in the future. My ultimate life goal is to be as close to natural (or organic) as possible, so I definitely want my toys to be petro-chemical free.

On on the personal edification front, if you're concerned about toxic substances in toys, candy and comsetics, check out Fresh Air on NPR today. Frightening!


  1. Yes I am completely wigging after that NPR story as well being that my other hobby is whoring for cosmetics!

    That Pretty Little Pony is so darn lovable!!

  2. Oh my gosh your pony is adorable and so rock-n-roll at the same time. I've never heard of this pattern, I'm definitely going to have to check it out ;)