Saturday, October 2, 2010

FiberBeat #11, "New & Neatby Nitting"

Media Link: New & Neatby Nitting (44:23)

FiberBeat #11, "New & Neatby Nitting"

There's a million crafters in Fiber City and we've all got a yarn to spin.

Bobbin's Nest Studio

This episode of Fiber Beat is underwritten by Bobbin's Nest Studio, from Santa Clara, CA. Bobbin's Nest is a yarn and fabric store, specializing in materials for knitting, crocheting, sewing and hand embroidery. This fall, Bobbin's Nest celebrates it's third anniversary of bringing fiber and fabric sophistication to the Bay Area.

In this episode I spend some quality time with two very imaginative and colorful characters, Debbie New & Lucy Neatby. What I love about both Debbie & Lucy is their playfulness in design and their fearlessness in color exploration. I spoke with both of them after completing Stitches West workshops in Northern California. This episode is another gem from the vaults, so from time to time there might be references to items that are "coming up" that have already passed (i.e. Think Outside the Sox book, etc.).

The following places, people and things were mentioned:


The first ever Men's Fall Knitting Retreat SCHOLARSHIP Winner

The 2010 Men's Fall Knitting Retreat benefitted tremendously from the generosity of XRX, Inc. in the form its very first scholarship. The unanimous decision of the judges was Rusty Boyd hailing from Murfreesboro, NC. Rusty joined us for a fun-filled fiber extravaganza in the beautiful pacific northwest.

Fiber Beat CONTEST for Episode No. 11

I have two instructional DVDs from Lucy Neatby, "Intarsia Untangled" (volumes 1 & 2). Here’s all you have to do to enter: tell us the name of your favorite museum. It can be one that you've physically been to OR one that you hope to visit in the future. For example, I love the DeYoung Museum DeYoung Museum in San Francisco but I hope to visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Now, it's your turn.

To enter, please leave your comment on or on the Fiber Beat Ravelry forum. One winner will be randomly selected from all the entries. DEADLINE FOR ENTERING IS October 15, 2010.

A big rainbow-hued thank you to everyone who downloaded and listened to the first SEVENTEEN episodes (audio/video) of Fiber Beat. Let me know what you think and leave a review on iTunes!

An many-colored merci to Debbie New & Lucy Neatby. Special spelling love to my favorite grammar school girls, Kristine & Adrienne.

We used snippets of the songs below in this episode. If you like the music, please support the artists (links provided for your convenience):


My name is WonderMike and I'll see YOU on the Fiber Beat!!

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