Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Help Fiber Beat Upgrade Its Technology!!!

Hallo Possums,

Just wanted to send out a quick email about upcoming Fiber Beat episodes.

As fate would have it, our production machine, the venerable Mac G5 (old AMD processor) is now making sounds like it’s preparing to take off from SFO airport. We’ve had it into the Apple Store for diagnostics and it seems like we’ll be needing to get a new machine. Unfortunately, this could not have come at a more inconvenient time with Anthony (my editor and production assistant) in school full-time AND with my finishing up Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat 2010 administrative bits.

What does this mean for you, our patient listeners and viewers? Well, it will likely result in some delays for our next episodes but it might force us to “shut down” for a bit as we figure out the costs for a new machine with proper video card, RAM and editing software. We were hoping to make this machine last through 2010 and start a fund raising campaign in 2011 but the current situation has made a more speedy switchover and purchase necessary immediately.

Please rest assured that we are not going away but getting all our ducks in a row for a better, brighter, faster production process. I hope it results in more professional video and faster turnaround times for audio episodes.

If you’d like to support us on this journey, you can help by donating any amount to the “Help Fiber Beat Upgrade” fundraiser. We’ve added a DONATE button to the homepage of and you can give any amount that you feel comfy giving.

Thanks so much for listening and for continuing to support Fiber Beat with your emails, recommendations and reviews!

Onwards and upwards!!!

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