Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Game of Catch (Up)

Some members of my readership (*cough* Jon *cough*) have said that I don't update you enough on the 24-7, hustle-bustle, hedonist lifestyle that I enjoy in the East Bay, hence my new post. Last time, I promised some more detail on the Holly party and here she is.

I'm ashamed to say I'm not sure which birthday this was for Holly, but it's not her 30th and definitely not her 40th. The lovely Mrs. Rhodes-Garcia was feted with a first-class dinner party planned and hosted by Jonathan and Emily. Em lives in the glorious Presidio which is a protected state park in addition to being a new home to Letterman Digital Arts Center (Lucasfilm). Beside the exquisite epicurean delights, we enjoyed a state of the art Holly Video Installation, iPod karaoke and kick-ass champagne cocktails with elegant elderflower liqueur, St. Germain.

Instead of killing myself and trying to knit something last minute as is my regular modus operandi, I did what any self-respecting crafter does: purchased someone else's art. I still kept to a knitting theme, but I'm not quite sure if Elizabeth Zimmerman (Godmother of Modern Knitting) would have approved of the destruction of straight knitting needles for fashion. I hope that EZ would agree that the necklace was a true masterstroke and an ingenious re-use of resources courtesy of the talented Liana Kabel.

We had Holly open presents early on and I was delighted when she oooed and ahhed over the necklace. An added bonus was Renecito's seal of approval. You gotta admit, it looks good on son AND mama.

During the main course, Rene wanted to hear our fondest Holly story. I shared the tale of the time that Holly and I had to drive an RV from SF to Indio/Palm Springs to attend Coachella for our artist outreach at Levi Strauss & Co. I asked Holly to go with me and to do the majority of the driving because she can't think of anything cooler than being a trucker. The day that we picked up the RV, I almost cancelled the trip upon learning about gray and black water.

My fear of driving an RV on the interstate is only exceeded by one thing, dealing with other people's poo. Now, you might say, "mikewade, everyone poos. Just deal". Which, being without fear, is exactly what Holly said to me. But, I reminded her that I, actually, did NOT (poo). And my job description did not include wiping Rock Star asses, even if I had to kiss them all in the name of glamorous PR. Fortunately, we had the option of paying other people to deal with the gray (sink) and black (toilet) water, so I didn't have to cancel the whole trip based on my fear of other people's bodily functions. Good Times....

All in all, a perfect evening made possible by the killer hosting duo of JPK and ER. Kisses to you two, as well as the birthday girl. MWAH.


  1. Super cool necklace!!! Funny anecdote as well--any firend who will drive an rv for you is golden.

  2. Holly really is the most fearless person I know. She's amazing.

  3. Black and gray water and a lovely necklace. Oh the associations. Speaking of lovely, it was definitely that meeting you yesterday - looking forward to knitting together!

  4. Mike put the loaf in the hollyloaf that was served that evening.

    It tasted like chicken.

  5. If there is anything that inspires more envy in me than your knitting skills, it's your friends. And I am jealous of them, too, for getting to hang out with toi!

    When you do have the luxury of time, what is your favorite gift to knit for others?

  6. Hehehe, thanks for sharing that last part....Ewwwwwwwe! :-p

  7. How dare Mr. Hendy to urge you to do quantity over quality.

  8. Sonya, it was far too brief but delightful finally meeting you. We should hang out soon!

    JPK, always quality over quantity, but I do need to be more disciplined.

    Kris, I don't know if I have a favorite item to knit for others, but I have to say that toys are pretty fun to do. I have yet to make anything more complicated than a hat or scarf for others, but I hope to do a poncho very soon!

  9. I thought the toilet stuff was called brown water, but I suppose raw sewage does tend towards the black (you learn these things growing up in the rural South).

    I was reading your 100 things, and you're like a cross between me and my partner. Except on the opposite coast and too old to be our child.

  10. Howdy Mel, thanks for commenting. Where did you grow up? Don't forget, you could always adopt me. I'm always looking for daddies..

  11. Okay, Mel. Now that I know you live on an ALPACA farm, I *insist* that you adopt me!!!