Thursday, June 21, 2007

One Ball of Yarn!

One Ball of Yarn!
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Gosh, I'm so behind with updating that I'm not quite sure where to begin. I'll do a quickie bullet point list and then expound on them over the next few posts:

1. Test Kniting with Pagewood Farms yarn - Didn't believe it would happen with all the froggin' that was going on, but I perservered and I was pleased to turn in the fruits of my labor to Article Pract.

2. Liana Kabel necklace given to Holly for birthday - Holly (and Renecito) were THRILLED with the necklace. Liana was a bit chuffed as well.

3. Habu Scarf to Emily for Graduation - It was a delight to see co-worker, Karen's daughter shine at her graduation party. I think she looked quite fetching.

4. Test Knitting with Twisted Sisters yarn - This was such a quick knitand very fun to do. I'm sure I will do several proper Chevron scarves because the pattern is effin soooooo easy.

Now all I need to do is start massive amounts of baby booties, hats and toys for all the lovely ladies in my life who are preggers....

I promise real posts and updates very soon.

Until then,
knit on my brothas and sistas


  1. Your chevron is a beauty...and just yesterday we were all listening to 'Hedwig' and Peeper got to scream her fave lyric ever out at the top of her lungs:
    "Where my penis used to be/where my vagina never was..."!!!!

  2. Phew, my itch has been scratched. Thank you, darlin.

    I love looking at your knitted items. (Hmm, why does that sound almost naughty?) You are so much more prolific than I was in my busiest days, and you really do inspire me to finish my UFOs from a few years ago. Because of you, I am close to finishing some awesome Dale of Norway Olympic team mittens.

  3. Heather, I *love* that song and that you and Peeper are rawkin' out!!! J'adore les meres cool.

    Victor, there's lots more. Promise!

    Kris, I wanna see your UFOS and especially those Dale of Norway mittens!!!!!

  4. I saw it with my own eyes and they were lovely.

  5. I really love the colors in your "scarfette"!

  6. Thanks, Alice!! It's Pagewood Farms in Wheatfields. It's very nice to knit with.