Monday, June 11, 2007

We Interrupt This Blog For.. THE YARN HARLOT!!!

Sock Mojo Twins Power Activate
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Yes, dear readers, I was fortunate enough to catch the only appearance in our fair state of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Readers the world over know her as author and blogger, the Yarn Harlot, and this past Thursday she dazzled us with amusing anecdotes, amazing touch knitting and, of course, a book signing. This last bit was kicked up a notch by being able to procure copies of her new audio books (I couldn't find anywhere online) which are of "At Knit's End..." and the new book, "Casts Off" read by the author herself. She thinks she sounds like a chipmunk on meth, but I think she sounds great. All of my pictures are here.

The whole thing was organized and produced by wonderful independent bookseller, Copperfields, in thriving downtown Petaluma. It was mercifully streamlined and the event went off without a single hitch. Considering there were over 250 audience members and standing room only, there was surprisingly little congestion or drama. My hat and knitting needles salute this noble bookstore.

I made some new knitting friends: Jenn and her charming friend, Johanna. Jenn was working on a fiendishly lacey sock that would have kicked me to the curb. Johanna was knitting without looking (a feat that still makes my jaw drop). The Yarn Harlot can do this too, in front of many people AND tell jokes. I'm not worthy...

So, Linda, my work compatriot and veteran knitter, and I, waited in line, gave our presents and got our goodies signed. We presented Steph with some Scharffenberger chocolate, a cute card, and a vintage knitting needle bangle from Liana Kabel. There were so many people that she didn't get a chance to see the jewelry but I hope she likes it because Liana is a genius.

As you can see, I got to hold the sock and Steph held my simple sock in progress. I left my adventure in baby lace knitting at home since I knew that I would muck it up royally and I want to be able to give it to Article Pract sometime before summer is over. I refuse to rip it back anymore. REFUSE!

I promise some good pictures of it in my next update!


  1. I decided that I can't go see her anymore because I'm convinced that she thinks the same thing. I'm just a completionist...

  2. Actually, I think you ARE a stalker, and you're about 5 minutes away from a 12 step program :)

  3. I wonder how many days in a row I am going to check this fine blog for new posts until I burst into frame-shaking sobs and lose all hope. Or burst into frame-shaking sobs and then smoke a crack pipe.

  4. Wish I could have gone. Book me a ticket on the bus for the next adventure!

  5. Everyone, I'm Posting today, PROMISE.

    Sonya, You got it!

  6. you two are like twins!

  7. HI there. I found your blog via a link on hizKnits and have been reading through your archive this week. But hey -small world - you and I actually met at the Harlot reading. In your flickr shots of the crowd you can see me wearing a purple shirt, right behind your empty chair. :-)

    Wasn't she fun?!