Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm a Little Hazy on that...

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This past Friday, I beat a path to downtown San Francisco for the Great Outdoor Egg Hunt. I've fallen deep, way down deep the MOO hole. I found almost all of them but I'm not going to go back for the complete set. I think I scared quite a few of the tourists.

After my egghunt photo captures, I headed over to Holly's for a quick visit before Ferd's Birthday dinner. Holly and Renecito were on their own because Papa Rene is in Austin for SXSWi. He's working on a Netflix Film preview party by creating a giant logo made of Rice Crispies and Elmer's Glue. I believe it's film about medical marijuana. So, I had a nice visit with Holl and 'Cito. Saw Holly's new iPhone (green with envy) and showed her my MOO cards and new holder. I'm certain she'll be ordering some soon.

Since I was running late, I caught a cab on Divisadero and made my way to the Mission location of Cha Cha Cha (CCC). The frickin' cab ride was $10. I can't believe that a cab costs that much. If hadn't been soooo late, I would have walked the whole way, but I was already past the fashionably late marker. CCC is a tapas-style restaurant and it's *always* overcrowded. This Friday was no exception. And to add insult to injury, our party was on the tiny, airless second floor landing.

I'm not sure why, but Ferd had invited about 30 guests, which to my mind, is too many. You can't really visit with more than 3-4 people anyway and the check always ends up being a drag. The space was so small that we were split into two separate tables. I didn't even talk to the folks at the second table.

Dinner was all right, but I always leave that place still hungry and having paid way too much money. I know it's a birthday celebration and not reallly about me, but I still think It's madness! It was, however, nice to see Scott and Deni and Bo. I also got to meet some of Ferd's new co-workers who were very funny.

My arm was twisted and I joined the crowd for a trip back to Ferd's for music and more drinks and dancing. I kept trying to make my exit because BART stops running at midnight, but Bo and her beau (whose name I'm forgetting) gave me a ride back to West Oakland BART, so I stayed until about 1am.

When I finally arrived home around 2am, my sweet Anthony was still editing the Yknit/Rick Mondragon episode number 3. Rick was a natural and fun subject, and I love the original musical bits Anthony has made and pre-recorded sound bites he selected. We got into bed around 3am.

I should have known better, but unfortunately, I didn't drink enough water and had a splitting headache from all Sangria and Pear Cider from the night before. Ick. One of Saturday's saving graces, was a carefree visit to Alameda for some knit loving with my fiber posse. We ate home-made PunkRawk pizza, bean salad and red velvet cake. I learned how to knit I-cord onto chenille craft wire (aka pipe cleaners) and got some puppy lovin' from Sammie the Schnoodle. Oh, and I showed my fiber haul to Elaine and Sonya who had not seen it yet.

I ended the Saturday by watching the next episode of the American Experience of New York. I think it's number 4 and it was called "Cosmopolis". It was about the roaring twenties and the lead up to Black Tuesday and the subsequent Great Depression following the crash of Wall Street. It's the perfect thing to knit to. You've got great narration and can look up from time to time to catch the pan and zoom across sepia toned photos and herky jerky vintage video. I have no memory for dates or names, so I'll be enjoying this series over and over again.

And then we had the time change. I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS time. It's so retarded. We're not farmers. Why do we need it. I feel tired for like a month. Actually, I feel tired until Fall Back. Seriously. I hate DST.

To be continued.....


  1. I actually like DST, but that's mostly because Maine really should be on Atlantic Time, instead of stuck on at the too-far-eastern end of Eastern Time. Up where my grandmother lives, midwinter sees pitch black skies at 4PM. If we were on Atlantic Time, we could just ditch DST altogether.

  2. Wow, I guess I never thought of it like that. And, if I had a farm, like some people I know, I bet my POV would be very different!

  3. I LOVE DST! It makes me happy to have more sunshine time. I'll still like you even though you are horribly wrong about this. ;-)

  4. Any small plate or 'family style' dining involving more than 3 to 4 people SUCKS.

    I feel your pain.

  5. Next time you want to get hazy, don't worry about Bart--check out the All-Nighter bus--AC Transit line 800 runs from SF to the East Bay *all night.* But don't tell your friends who offer you rides!;)

    And I'm also no fan of DST; it doesn't give me any time to stargaze on weeknights--when it's not cloudy, that is!

  6. Okay, I've gotten no end of grief for hating on DST. I guess I don't really HATE DST, but what I do hate is feeling tired from the time change. I just wish that it was ALWAYS this time so that my body could get used to the difference. I'm very much a night owl, so having one less hour of sleep really does throw a wrench in my grump-meter. So, just steer clear until about Mid-April. :-)

  7. I'm with you the HATE camp. I did not grow up with it and I think it is unnatural. Ah well.

  8. Umm, excuse me, but it's always about you, when is everyone else going to realize that?!! Seriously though, I hate the large party-in-restaurant check moment, it's the absolute worst! And DST has been fucking with me all week....