Friday, March 7, 2008

Do you MOO?

New MOO Cards and case!!!
Originally uploaded by mikewade
I first saw MOO cards when Victor (of Knitter's Uncensored fame) included one in a yarn swap. I never thought I'd have need of them for the following reasons:

1. I'm in a relationship (no speed dating for me, thank you)
2. I don't have a band
3. I'm not an artist
4. I blog very infrequently
5. My photography is very amateur

So, imagine my shock when I got bit by the MOO bug. I blame Stephen because I love his MOO card of Janie Sparkles eating yarn AND his cool Altoids-Retooled-Case made by his mother. Yes, that's seems right. It's hizKNIT's fault. Phew! I can sleep easier now.

So, Stephen and I ordered MOO cards for Stitches West and we split the pack of 100. I gave away all of mine so, naturally, I had to place a second order. This time, I selected only things that I had knit for the images. Plus, I included my new gmail address, the podcast and my blog.

Now, I wanna swap with folks. Do you MOO? Wanna trade with me? Bring it on. Oh, and check out this project. I'm doing it. So should you.

p.s. There's a fun contest happening at MOO, too. It's an Easter Egg Hunt. It's a total time suck and lots of fun. You have been WARNED!


  1. I have, thus far, resisted their charms. I feel their pull, though.

  2. okay mikewade, every time I read your blog, I am tempted to make a purchase of some fantabulous thing that you just bought. I want to Moo and buy the kickin' yarn stuffer bag.

  3. What is it with you and the specialized jargon? First the incomprehensible spinning-sprak and now this Moo business? I have no earthly idea what these Moo cards are, but now I suppose I have to find out...

  4. Wow, I'm honoured! Never knew that I started you with the Moo Quest.

  5. I totally wanna swap with you! I've got a smallish collection from other knitters and I would love one of yours.

  6. Oy, you are such an enabler!

    I'm probably going to order the postcards, I have a few pretty pictures of butterflies and flowers.
    I'm going to use it for my fundraiser for the Leukemia Society!

  7. I'm so happy to get more people hooked.

    Me, Mary, Heather - get them NOW!

    Victor, I always copy you, DUDE. I just ordered drop spindles from Butterfly Girl Designs.

    TK, I'm sending you my address. :-)

    Tigerr, that's such a great idea. Fundraisers!

  8. Uh, that would be MEL, get them now. I've already got them. ;-)

  9. alright.... ALRIGHT...
    I out a moo order together after you all left the house! happy now?! haha

  10. moo swap - anytime.... please give me your address, I'll send you a couple!