Tuesday, March 4, 2008

She Dyed A Raspberry Sorbet...

Scout's Swag March 2008
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My final Scout's Swag shipment. :-( Makes me sad to know that it's over. Scout was very sweet and asked Stephen (hizKnits) and I if we wanted black in our colorway and she made it special for us boys.

Keeping my yarn-economizing promise to my partner Anthony, I am sacrificing my spot so that folks who couldn't get in last time will be able to experience some Scout Lovin'! It's crazy popular and for good reason. Scout makes beautiful yarn and was so creative with the swag this past year, go knit pouches, knitting-themed rubber stamps, exclusive patterns and, of course, the YARN!

Scout is changing the name of the club to reflect a new focus on the yarn. For the third season, it will be called simply "Scout's Swag Sock Club". Since she's not doing the indie swag portion, she can focus on keeping the prices down and allowing more folks to participate. Scout will also be doing cool things like choosing winners to help her select colorways.

If you want to try and get a spot in the next subscription cycle, you can get details here.
Good luck and Happy Scouting!


  1. Such restraint on your you can buy all you want the next time you're in Article Pract, right?

  2. oooohhhh gorgeous! And how sweet of you to sacrifice your spot. I was thinking about joining, but I'm in a few clubs already. lol

  3. Heather!!! Shhhhh. But seriously, I either have to donate or destash or something soon, because we're running out of closet and shelf space.

    Jennie, you've tried Scout before, no? She's got awesome colors. If you wanna sample perhaps we can trade something.... heehee